Fire School Scholarships

This is a reimbursement scholarship!

If selected as a scholarship recipient, $500.00 would be awarded to your department/agency for each pair of candidates that apply. Scholarships will only be awarded in pairs – NO EXCEPTIONS. Scholarship reimbursement checks will only be awarded if candidates complete all class requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion, and will be mailed to the candidate’s department, the week following Fire School.

Awards will be prioritized as follows:

1st - Volunteer Departments

2nd - Departments with less than 6 paid firefighters

3rd - Departments with less than 20 firefighters and have had a significant reduction in their training budget

4th - Other departments that can justify training needs that cannot be met with their internal budget

All requests that meet the above criteria will be considered. Notification of scholarship awards will be made daily, prior to the registration deadline of August 31st.

Requests for a scholarship application should be submitted ASAP to Randy Redmond at: