AZCFSE - Arizona State Fire Training Committee

The Arizona State Fire Training Committee is a volunteer, non-profit, statewide organization that assists in the development and implementation of statewide fire service training through the Annual Arizona State Fire School and has been involved since the very first Fire School back in 1973. The Committee plans and develops all Fire Schools programs, with each member serving as a workshop or program Coordinator.

Arizona State Fire Training Committee - Executive Board

Clay Wood - Chairman  
Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District
Phone: 928-537-5100 | Email: 

Eric Kriwer, Vice-Chair
Mayer Fire Dept
Phone: 928-632-9534 | Email:

Todd Canale, Secretary
Davis-Monthan AFB
Phone: 520-228-4759 | Email:

John Hayes, Treasurer
Phone: 623-551-6777 | Email:

Bob Hansen - Executive Director, AZCFSE  
Tolleson Fire Dept
Phone: 623-474-4981 | Email: 

For a full list of all committee members see the Committee page in the Fire School brochure.